What is a Google Grant?

Google Grants is an in-kind donation program administered by Google for Nonprofits.  The in-kind donation starts at $328/day of free budget to spend on Adwords for advertising on Google.  That’s a total advertising budget of $10,000/month or $120,000 a year!

Nonprofits use this to increase name and cause awareness, build traffic for products and services conversions to the web site, increase donations and volunteerism, expand programs, and specifically promote the organization.

Google Adwords ads appear when someone uses Google to search for a topic relevant to the advertisement.  When the searcher clicks on the ad, Google sends them to the organizations web site.  Effectively used, a $10,000 a month budget can generate from 10,000 to as much as 60,000 new, unique visitors.

Nonprofits that consistently use their entire Adwords budget with high volume results can apply for GrantsPro status.  This increases the Adwords monthly budget to $1,312/day, equaling $40,000/month, or a yearly advertising budget of $480,000.

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What is a Google Grant?
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