What can you do with a Google Grant?

The use of a Google Adwords Grant is as unlimited as your imagination (and a few rules from Google).  Nonprofit organizations are using Google Grants to…

  • Raise cause awareness
  • Increase name awareness
  • Build traffic to your website
  • Expand conversions to goals
  • Increase donations
  • Attract new donors
  • Attract strategic partnerships
  • Expand programs reach
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Build e-mail lists
  • Increase the reach of PR
  • Capitalize on News events
  • Promote and sell memberships
  • Promote corporate and celebrity endorsements
  • Increase social interaction on Facebook
  • Increase social interaction on Twitter
  • Promote special programs and events
  • Expand services to more clients
  • Recruit board members
  • Attract interns
  • Hire the right people
  • Increase YouTube video views
  • Raise money from corporate sponsors
  • Raise money from individuals
  • Fund content development

This is only 25 ways to use a Google Adwords Grant, but there are hundreds more!  Think outside the box. Promote articles on your site. Promote tools on your site. Promote give-aways and free information to download. But just don’t promote your “donate” button. One-click donation is too much to expect today. Rather, start a conversation and it will pay off with donations and many other things over time. Use a “Give to Get” strategy, just like you do with your non-profit overall!

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What can you do with a Google Grant?
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