20/80 Search Segmentation

If you ever took a marketing class in college, you’ve heard about market segmentation. Peter Drucker’s breakthrough way to classify people by demographic characteristics that has shaped marketing for the past 30 years.  While this concept is still valid in general, enter the Internet, and more specifically, Internet Search. This creates a totally new way to segment potential customers and gain real-world insight into consumer behavior by what they actually do, rather than what research says they “might” do.

Non-Profit Search Segmentation:  Market Segmentation 2.0

Here is the breakthrough point for non-profits: If you had access to what people are searching for using Google and other search engines, and knew exactly the language they were using, you would have real-world-up-to-the-minute marketing and business guidance that you could never get in any expensive research study or focus group.  You would have hard data on the actual words and phrases people use to find what they really want…. not what they say they are going to do or what they say they want in response to a questionnaire. All this without spending a lot of money on traditional quantitative or focus-group research.

This is a breakthrough. A revolution. A potential end to expensive traditional market research.

If you know what people actually search for, and the exact language they use, you can use this information to drive everything you do with confidence that your decisions are based on data, not just intuition.

This data can determine what you build, what your products or services are, what content appears on your website, how you market yourself, which keywords you advertise, and much more.

Search Segmentation is the foundation for you to align your organization with your market based on data; not on guesses, or opinions, or someone’s “feel” for the market. 

20/80 Search Segmentation is the foundation for optimizing your Google Grant, and for our strategic recommendations and tactical actions. It is our “secret sauce”. And it should be your “secret sauce” as well.

Combined Search Language Databases: Our Secret Sauce for Non-Profits.

If you’re still with us and reading this far, you are now probably asking yourself, “how do they do it”.  Great question.

Here’s the short answer.  We subscribed to all of the expensive search-language databases that are available, like Word Tracker, Wordstream, and others plus free resources like the Google Keyword Tool. We then hired a programmer to connect all of these together such that we have the largest, most comprehensive, most up-to-date database of verbatim internet search queries on the planet.  Over 800 million records, just in a prior 3 month period.  More over a longer term.

This is the database we  will use to help your organization.

Pretty much everything we do, all of our recommendations are based on this proprietary database.  No one else has it. It is our secret sauce and can be yours as well.

20/80 Search Segmentation can be your competitive advantage. And, given the competition for non-profit funding today, you need all of the competitive advantage you can get.

Combined with our marketing expertise in Google Grants and general marketing help, Search Segmentation is a powerful and proven platform to help your non-profit organization succeed.


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20/80 Search Segmentation
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