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$10,000 Of Google Advertising Per Month, Free!

If your organization is a 501(c)(3) and is not faith- or government-based, Google will almost automatically give you $10K/month in advertising money to increase name and cause awareness, build traffic and conversions on your website, increase donations, expand programs, recruit volunteers, and generally promote your non-profit organization.

To simplify and put in tangible terms, Google will give you advertising money that will generate anywhere from 10,000 to over 40,000 new visitors to your website every month, free. We have a non-profit client that gets over 60,000 web visits a month per $10K of their Google Grant.

This is big. Think about it. For most non-profits a Google Adwords Grant can more than double your awareness, visitors, and potential donors/volunteers virtually overnight.  And that resulting new traffic and exposure is proven to generate bottom line results across the board.  All paid for by Google.

You get a Google Grant. You place some ads. People click on these ads and go to your website, learn about your cause, start a conversation, and eventually donate or benefit in one way or another from your website and programs.  And you can track everything that is going on through Google’s free Grant Tools.

This is a stunning opportunity that few non-profits know about, much less understand. There are over 1.5 million non-profits in the US that qualify for this program, but less than 4000 that take advantage of it because non-profits simply don’t know the program exists.

Our goal is to change that. And if you are here and have read this far, you now are aware of a free, powerful promotion opportunity that over a million of your non-profit donor competitors in the US don’t know about.  You now have a competitive non profit advantage.

Get a Google Grant now!

Run don’t walk to take advantage of this free opportunity! Get started now by clicking on our help links to the left. The application process in not too difficult, but it does take time, generally 6 months for the approval from Google once you submit the two necessary applications.

As our name states, we are here to help.  The links on this site give you the best, most concise help available to get a Google Adwords Grant.  We even have a free mini-course by email that will walk you through the application process in 5 easy 20 minute per day lessons. Sign up now and get started! Or contact us and we will write the Grant applications for you. We have done many of these, and have never been turned down.

Direct Google Adwords Grant Links

For your convenience, here are the direct links you will need to get a Google Adwords Grant:

Google Grants Program Overview (also see video below for a quick introduction)

Eligiblity Requirements

Google Account Setup

Google Grants Online Application Form

Google Non Profits Channel on YouTube

(note, you must set up a specific Google Account first, before you can fill out an application, this account should be something like  click on the account setup link above to do this)

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Get a Google Grant
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