Our Google Grant Services

For over five years we have helped Google Adwords Grant recipients maximize their Google Grant and optimize it to take it to the next level, generating increased traffic, leads, donors, volunteers, sponsors, and more.

We have helped non profits get their first $10K/month Google Adwords Grant, grow that Grant to $40K/month and beyond, and helped existing Google Grantees get additional Grants both domestically and internationally.  Google is very generous with Grant money once you get started and prove that you can spend their money wisely. The sky is the limit with both their domestic and international Grants once you have a successful history.

For example, we have non-profit clients that get over 250,000 clicks/visits to their website per month with their $40K/month Google Adwords Grant.  Just to put this in perspective, that is a quarter of a million actual web visitors per month that are exposed to your cause, your brand, your message, and your help request. All free, thanks to Google.

The results have been dramatic: Clients have received new grants and sponsorships from organizations such as WallMart, Allstate, Intel, Cisco, the US government and others based on this extended reach, education, and website visitors. Not to mention the massive numbers of web visitors that have been served for a variety of causes by these Google Grants.

Our Google Grant Services offer the following Free and Paid Help:

Free Google Grants Help:

1.     Free Mini-Courses: Step-By-Step how-to courses by email that demonstrate exactly what to do, in a series of 20 minute sessions. These are not academic courses, they are practical, hands-on, illustrated tutorials that will enable even novice non-profit users to achieve a tangible outcome by the end of the mini-course. We currently offer two free mini-courses, and more are in the works.

A:     Get A Google Adwords Grant: A step-by-step tutorial via five, 20 minute lessons delivered by email. After taking this mini-course you will have applied for at $10,000 per month Google Adwords Grant with a very high probability of being approved, based on our experience.  We have a 100% success rate to date for those that meet Google’s qualifications and apply. Click to start your free initial Google Grants mini-course.

B.     Optimize A Google Adwords Grant: A step-by-step tutorial for existing Google Grant holders to spend all of their allocated $10K/month Grant money, and prepare for an expanded $40K/month Google Grant. Take this mini-course over 5 days via email and you will increase your Grant utilization, drive more traffic to your website, and learn specific skills to take your Google Grant to the next level. Click to start your free Google Grants optimization mini-course.

2.     Google Grants Help Blog: Check out and subscribe to our Blog that offers the latest tips and tricks to help Google Grants holders make the most of their Google Grant.  Updated weekly. Click to go to our Blog.

3.     Google Grants Help Newsletter: Subscribe to our Newsletter to get the best Google Grants tips from us, and from Google and others delivered twice a month to your email inbox. Click to subscribe to our newsletter.


4.     Google Grants Help Library & Downloads: Check out our free library of articles, tips, links, and downloads that will help you with all things Google Grants. Click to go to our Google Grants Help library.

Paid Google Grants Help: 

1.     Guaranteed Google Adwords Grant Writing: Rather than do it yourself, we will write, submit, and manage the initial Google Grants process for you. Our success rate is 100% for this process for qualified non-profits. If your non-profit meets Google’s qualification requirements (which we’ll help you determine, free) you pay us a small fee only if your $10,000/month Google Adwords Grant is approved.  Click to start your Guaranteed Google Grant application process.

2.     One-Time Google Adwords Grant Improvement: If you already have secured a Google Adwords Grant, and are not spending all of your Grant money, we will work with you to change/optimize your account such that you spend all of your grant money as quickly as possible, and move to the $40/month Grants Pro level if you are not already there.  There is a small fee for this depending on the size of your Grant and the current state of your account.  Click to arrange a free optimization consultation.


3.     Daily On-Going Google Adwords Grant Management: For most of our clients we actively manage and optimize their Google Grant on a daily basis, working as a turnkey resource for a small monthly fee. In the process we also provide ongoing marketing and SEO help as well, working as a partner to achieve their goals.  We even provide training and editorial/content direction to help keep the organization moving forward and become self-sufficient. We act as a full-service marketing, advertising, search marketing, SEO and Social marketing agency for our largest accounts. Click to arrange a free needs assesment consultation.

4.     Advanced Google Grants Mini-Courses and Seminars: We are developing a series of low-cost Mini-Courses and Seminars that are different than others you might run across. Our difference will be active instruction- Tutorials you can use with your Google Grants account to actually make improvements live, and see the results of that improvement the next day.  There are lots of broad theoretical courses and seminars out there, but they are expensive and frankly are not helpful to most people. These will be quite different, and make a difference to your organization immediately.  Check back with us for availability. Or sign up for our newsletter to stay informed. We expect to have these mini-courses by the end of the year.

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Our Google Grant Services
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