How to apply for a Google Grant?

Applying for a Google Adwords Grant is a two step process.

Step 1:  Get certification as a Google Qualified Non-profit Organization
Go to to see if your organization is eligible and can meet all of Google Grant’s requirements.  Or check out our Quick Link to “What are Grant requirements (link here).  If your organization meets the requirements, then simply fill out the online application ( to enroll as a qualified Google Grants non-profit organization.  Google Grants will normally respond in a few weeks.

Step 2:  Apply for $10,000/month Adwords Grant
Once your organization is approved by Google, you then must apply for your first Google AdWords Grant of $10,000/month in a separate, longer application.

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Need More Help?

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Quick video on applying for a Google Grant


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How to apply for a Google Grant?
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